Hello World

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Hello World, my name is Corky Wollman and I’m an Athlete. Just as fish take to water I’ve taken to sports, except water sports! OK, perhaps that wasn’t a great analogy. How about birds? Yeah birds, just as birds are born to fly I was born to play sports. Fortunately (some) birds can achieve great height and I stopped growing (vertically speaking,) by the time I was a quarter past eleven. Quick, somebody check the Guinness Book of World Records to see if I broke the record for most puns in a single paragraph.

For most athletes’, breaking records shouldn’t be the goal; performing at your best, improving your ability, and staying healthy are more important, at least as far as this athlete is concerned. Of course, breaking a record or two along the way isn’t too bad, especially if that record stands for a really long time.

I’ve created a DVD for the exact purpose of IMPROVING YOUR ABILITY, so that you can perform at your best. (And hopefully to prevent injury, although, nothing guarantees that you will prevent injury.) The last time I was injury free–I was 3 years old, and the only records I broke was the number of Gatorade sippy cups I could go through per day.

Perhaps this is a good place to end for my first entry and who took my sippy cup?