Corky WollmanChampion Athlete

Corky Wollman’s tremendous athletic ability can be attributed to his experience in playing multiple sports. He has excelled as a word class athlete in soccer as both a goalie and striker, and was heralded as a first team High School All-American. From the age of eight years old, Corky has won state championships at every level, until he sustained a severe injury in a car accident shortly after the end of his collegiate career. It was after the accident that Corky realized, that despite his injuries, he was still capable of accomplishing dramatic athletic feats, so long as he maintained a commitment to an exercise regimen focusing on the human body’s inner core. It’s through this dedication that Corky realized all humans had the capacity to develop amazing coordination.

At the age of 6, Corky was taught how to play ping-pong by his uncle. By the time he was 13, he had won numerous championships competing internationally against some of the greatest players in the world. Throughout high school, Corky also excelled in Badminton. He was voted the Miami Herald Player Of The Year and won the county singles championship in both his junior and senior seasons. Along with his participation in these sports, he simultaneously played baseball as a second basemen, where he was recognized as a perennial All-Star in the county divisional leagues.

Although involved in playing atypical sports, Corky’s true passion began when he first played soccer at the age of eight. Due to living in Miami, Florida, his teammates were mostly South American. There was little room for error on the practice field, simply because his Latin peers excelled at an extremely young age. As a result, his talents were not discovered until a few years later, when his coach unexpectedly inserted him as a goalie. Using the hand-eye coordination and agility drills he learned in Ping-Pong and Badminton, Corky’s amazing reflexes earned him the starting position.

From the ages between 10 and 13, Corky became exposed to the agony of defeat as his soccer teams periodically lost to superior opponents. It was in losing that he learned how to be resilient, quickly understanding that defeat is part of the path to victory. The experience paid off resulting in multiple first and second state championships and accolades throughout his high school years. As a result, Corky was honored with All-City, All-County, and All-State athletic achievement awards. He also competed against teams in the North American Soccer League (N.A.S.L), comprised of both nationally and internationally recognized superstars

After winning the State Championship his junior year, his North Miami Beach high-school team remained ranked number one for most of the season his senior year. Corky also took his valuable lessons from scrimmaging against elite players and expanded his versatility by switching positions to striker. He was widely recognized by scouts and accepted an athletic scholarship to Miami Dade JC, subsequently winning a Florida State Championship for a club team his freshman year. During his sophomore season, he had completely switched positions and transferred to the University of Florida. His goals were firmly set on becoming a professional soccer player. On campus, he trained religiously to become a member of the United States Men’s National team.

It was after his graduation, at the pinnacle of his athletic prowess, that Corky was hit by a pick up truck traveling 60 miles an hour, setting him on a course of rehabilitation over the next 25 years. Although his professional aspirations had been destroyed in an instant, it was then that Corky realized his true spiritual path. He soon uncovered the brilliance of the human body’s ability to heal itself, its threshold to endure trauma, and its ability to overcome physical obstacles, no matter the degree of injury. He felt that if he could return to athletic form; then most people could as well, no matter how hurt or uncoordinated they perceived themselves to be. It was during this time that Corky combined various sporting techniques specifically designed to improve hand-eye coordination, agility and reflex with a more intense, physically challenging exercise regimen.

Corky has been a personal trainer for the last 35 years, and has helped thousands of people develop their ambidextrous abilities through avant-garde techniques; ultimately helping his students participate in any sport of their choosing. As most fitness programs concentrate on strength and cardio-vascular endurance, Corky’s fitness programs offer individuals a more in-depth approach to improving balance, speed, agility, alertness, dexterity and core strength. Corky continues to inspire his students with his unorthodox, yet effective training methods in order to heighten their level of inner athletic genius.

Good luck, train hard.